Matthew James Wilson

When I was in middle school and high school, I and seemingly my entire generation recorded our every thought in blogs on platforms like WordPress, Livejournal, and Xanga. I had several Xangas; every so often, I would hop accounts and conjure new usernames out of whatever I was obsessing over at the moment, linking certain […]


The first sensation you feel upon hearing Dagny is a burst of light and energy. There is a wave of confidence that sits atop massive pop tunes that warms your soul. That magic transcends and is amplified when you see Dagny perform live. She’s vivacious, captivating, and possesses everything that will catapult her into pop stardom.

Gregory Nolan

Back in June, three interlocking triangles were the first taste of WWCOMMS from Bastille and what would ultimately be the driving force behind their sophomore offering Wild World. An abbreviation of “Wild World Communications,” WWCOMMS has been described as “an all-seeing media outlet” that is inspired by the concept of Big Brother, Terry Gilliam’s Brazil, […]


A week before I interviewed DIY punk rocker Lisa Prank over the phone, I celebrated my 24th birthday with some friends in a private karaoke room. Halfway through the night, I put on the All-American Rejects’s “Swing Swing”; despite not having listened to that song in probably a decade, I remembered every lyric, every rise and […]